Tips for Picking Out a Second Hand Car

If you are planning to buy a second hand car, that can be a very confusing exercise. Various things require to be checked very carefully. This is quite true especially if you are buying a car for the first time. You must check many things to check in a car before buying it. The most important is to give the physical check then followed by your final decision.


The price you can afford If you are planning to buy the car using a bank loan, the car payment should not be more than the 20% of your take-home pay. If you are sticking to a very tight budget, you may consider even to spend less money.


You should always know that a used car would spend some little cash from time to time. The car may require new tires and the maintenance. In addition, most shoppers tend to forget other expenses such as fuel and insurance. Whenever you are buying a car that has no warrant, it is very important to set aside some other cash just in case it needs repair.


Check Prices


Generally, prices are guided by the place you will buy your car. Majorly, you will find used cars in the used car section. You will definitely find other car sections, but it is very important to remain to the budget.


Check the history report of the car


Unless when you are buying a car from a family member or a friend, who can vouch on the history, always plan to get a history report of the car. This is one of the primary steps, which is very important. If the car you are buying has a poor history, it is good to know earlier.


Carfax and autocheck, are the two known sources of car history report that can disclose important information concerning the car. It will be able to tell if the odometer has ever been rolled back, or even a salvage title. The title means if the car has been declared a loss by the insurance body. This information is obtained by using the car’s identification number. In some occasions, you will only need license plate number.


Locate used cars for sale


You can find the cars in your area by searching online. You can further filter your search using many factors until you find the desired car. You will be able to find the dealers and the distance from your point. You can as well consult family members or your friends for a referral.


Contact the seller


Once you find the desired car do not rush, and buy it. It is very important to call the seller and establish a relationship with him or her. Verify the information about the car. Sometimes the buy mentions some information that might make you change your mind. However, if everything is good, make sure to do the following:


Test-drive the car


This will help you to assess the condition of the car. Therefore, keep off all the distraction and focus on the car. Soon after the test drive, ask the dealer or the owner for the services record.


  • Have the car inspected by the mechanic just before buying
  • Negotiate on the deal
  • Have the paperwork done.


Always go for what you can afford. You can consult experts before buying a car. For other money saving tips, check out our next article on waxing at home vs salon